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2018-2019 SO/CS Membership

Posted on June 25,2018
2018-2019 SO/CS Membership
Snowboard Ontario/Canada Snowboard Memberships are now available online. Memberships expire June 30th annually and are required for athletes and coaches participating in on and off snow activities; if you have summer training planned you will need to purchase in advance.
Athlete Membership
Basic Membership
This membership is required for any athlete/participant training or working with any sanctioned club or participating in any sanctioned activity below the Provincial Series events. This would include training with a trained/certified coach, CS Riders events, all sanctioned club activities and local sanctioned events. 
SAIP insurance is available with Basic Membership. 
FIS license is not available with Basic Membership.
Advanced Competitor License
This membership is required for any athlete competing at Provincial Series events or higher. SAIP insurance is available with the Advanced Membership. FIS license is available in addition to the Advanced membership (must also purchase SAIP). 
Note: for FIS sanctioned events you will need to purchase a FIS license in order to participate and obtain FIS points.
Advanced Competitor License required to purchase
A FIS license is required by any athlete participating in FIS sanctioned event, such as Provincial Series with FIS category, NorAms, World Cups or World Championships. If you are purchasing a FIS license, it is also mandatory to purchase SAIP insurance. More on FIS here
The FIS requires that all athletes participating in FIS sanctioned events also obtain SAIP coverage. More on SAIP here
Coach Memberships
Coaches must first apply for and obtain a Canada Snowboard Coaching License before being able to work with athletes. Coaches then apply for the renewal of this license every year. To obtain or renew your license, you must have first:
  • completed their Competition Introduction Course (or higher)
  • registered as a Coach using the Canada Snowboard Membership system
  • submitted a background check (updated within last 3 years). This process can be completed online using using SterlingBackcheck ($25)
Once the final step has been completed, please allow 1-2 weeks for Canada Snowboard to review your file and issue your coaching license.
Note: please complete your coaching license application at the start of the season. Do not wait until just prior to an event to apply. It may not be approved in time.