Uploading Activities / Events for Calendaring and Sanctioning


Once the Club or P/TSA has paid their annual club membership, they are now approved to list activities for sanctioning (They can also do this now using the Event-upload an event section of the membership system on the Canada Snowboard website).  

When events are uploaded, the PTSA and Canada Snowboard receive an email saying a club has put up activities they’d like to have sanctioned. Once the activities are approved, the club will automatically receive their sanction document for those activities.


For Club Administrators only

Events / Activities

  1. You Sign into your administrator profile,
  2. On the tool bar on the left, choose event - “Create Events”
  3. Competitions - If you select choose “competition” and also choose “post to the Canada Snowboard Events Calendar”, the event will show up on the list of all the events for the season on events page the CS website. If not, it will be viewable by your club members, but no one else
  4. You’re entire list of activities is now under “Events - My Events”
  5. For any events you want sanctioned - Click Events - “Request Sanction” - you indicate all the events you have listed that you’d like sanctioned, and shortly you will receive approval from Canada Snowboard and your province for those events.
  6. You will automatically receive a sanction certificate for all the events you listed.


  • All participants in CSF sanctioned activities must be members of a CSF provincial snowboard association, or of another FIS recognized national ski/snowboard association.
  • Times of activities should always build in a cushion, so the activity does not inadvertently occur outside of the sanctioned time. For example, if dry land training is planned for the school gym every Wednesday evening from 7:00 - 9:00, the application should be for a sanction to cover the period 6:00 – 10:00.
  • If the time, date, or location of a sanctioned activity changes, details of the change need to be made in the online system
  • Only member organizations in good standing are allowed to request sanctions. Thus PSA/Club Membership and D&O fees must be received before a sanction application will be accepted.
  • “Additional Insureds” are other parties such as sponsors, mountain resorts, or recreation facility operators who specifically request to be identified under the CSF’s commercial general liability insurance policy. Parties that make this request will also often request a “Certificate of Insurance”
  • A “Certificate of Insurance” is a document issued by the CSF’s insurance broker confirming the details of the CSF’s commercial general liability insurance policy, and listing other relevant information such as the names of “additional insureds”. A “Certificate of Insurance” is available using the online system.