2016/17 Ontario Freestyle Snowboard Judges Clinic and Public Information Session


Hello everyone,


That time of year again.  I hope and trust everyone had an awesome summer.  This year we are changing it up a bit.  Dane Milligan, who has worked super hard in past seasons at scheduling events with judges and other event staff, has decided to take a bit of a breather and allow Dan Hughes to step in his place as Judge Co-ordinator for this season.  Dan, as most of you already know is one our most experienced and qualified judges in Ontario and it was my decision to backfill Dane’s role with Dan, and I look forward to working with Dan in this role.  I would like to take a quick moment and give some mad props to Dane again for his efforts in this demanding role, and in keeping things running over the past seasons.


Again, another change for this season is our venue.  As those local to the Collingwood area already know, the amazing CASBAH has closed their doors, so for one last time, I would like to thank the CASBAH crew for playing host to our clinic for many years.  Our new location will be at the Blue Mountain Inn. 


For those who don`t know who we are

Marcello Centurione

Dad, Husband, IT guy, Snowboarder, Freestyle Snowboarding Judge and educator, Ontario Judges co-ordinator

Over 28 years snowboarding and 20+ years judging experience


Dan Hughes

Fairly new husband, New Dad (Congrats again!), Media guy, Snowboarder, Freestyle Snowboarding Judge & co-ordinator, former Wakeboard Judge

Over 21 years snowboarding and 6 years judging experience


Main Session

Formal Education and Certification of Freestyle Snowboard Judges

Date:  Sunday December 4th, 2016

Time:  9:30 AM – 3:30 PM

Location:  Blue Mountain Inn (please refer to Digital Signage for exact boardroom location)

Fee to attend:  $100

Prerequisite for attending:  Having a reasonable level of snowboarding experience (4+ years) and fundamental trick knowledge & recognition

Included:  Coffee, Water, Snacks, Pizza Lunch, top level education, certification, and a good time!!

All certified judges will receive an opportunity to judge at an event this season for pay, which will help cover some or the entire clinic fee

All certified judge’s names will be submitted to both TTR and FIS so they can be registered into their respective databases of certified judges


Public Information Session

Join me Marcello Centurione, for an awesome informal conversation around Freestyle Snowboarding Judging and Competition Formats, Criteria, etc as they relate to the Ontario or Canadian scene

Date:  Sunday December 4th, 2016

Time:  3:30 PM – 5:00 PM, immediately following the official judges clinic

Fee to attend:  FREE

Open to all Riders, Coaches, Parents, Industry.  I encourage you to come and ask the questions you have always wanted to ask, and if we don’t get to your question in time, we will continue the conversation in the parking lot rain or shine!!!  Like I said last year, this is as important to me as it is to you.

My apologies, but due to venue restrictions, we cannot serve complimentary drinks like we did last year, but we plan to have some light snacks.


For those interested in attending this year’s clinic or information session, simply e-mail marcello.centurione@canada.ca, and be sure to complete the fields below with your name, phone contact, and write Yes to each session you are interested in attending.  Please arrive a little bit early so the mingling can happen before and not cut into our valuable clinic time as we like to aim at starting on time, we have a lot to accomplish in a small window as usual.


Attendee Name

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Attending Judges Clinic

Attending Info Session





Looking forward to spending the day with some of you, and for the rest, have a great winter season.

Best regards,


Marcello Centurione

Dan Hughes