Women's Snowboard Federation

Women's Snowboard Federation

Currently tSnowboard Ontario and the Women's Snowboard Federation (WSF) work together to bring the WSP to Ontario with the largest variety and the most comprehensive WSP program in Canada. 


The Women in Snowboarding Program (WSP) is partnered with tSnowboard Ontario and Canada~Snowboard. Together we provide programs and training for women across Canada in the professional snowboard industry.

The WSP was designed by Canada~Snowboard with the support of Sport Canada, the Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport, and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC).

Collectivley these organizations have undertaken the development of a comprehensive program to promote the involvement of women in snowboarding.

The objective is to promote the equitable participation of women in the sport of snowboarding at the coach, judge, official, volunteer, and athlete levels, through the following initiatives:

  • Women only Basic Coach Coaching Workshops.
  • Development of women officials (training and certification).
  • Development of women judges (training and certification).
  • Training and competition opportunities for women athletes at the Learn to Ride stage of athlete development.
  • Training opportunities for interested women snowboarders to be Learning Facilitators for the Canada~Snowboard Coach    Program (CSCP).
  • Mentorship Programs are for women who demonstrate outstanding progress and work, leadership and commitment to the growth and support of women in snowboarding, and are in need of funding to further continue their education and training  in all levels of snowboarding.
  • Environmental audit to identify issues of importance to women currently involved in snowboarding.

Need more Information?
For more information, check out their website on www.canadasnowboard.com or please contact the Sport
Development Manager, Natasha Burgess, at natasha@canadasnowboard.ca