Provincial Team

2018-2019 Ontario Provincial Team 


July 18th 2018

Snowboard Ontario is pleased to announce the DRAFT list of athletes nominated for selection to the 2018-2019 Provincial Team.

This list represents the athletes nominated by the selection committee based on the 2018-2019 Provincial Team Selection Criteria ranking process, is subject to appeals and may change if the nominated athletes do not meet the requirements set out in the Selection Criteria which can be viewed Here.

Nominated athletes will be contacted via email to accept / decline their spot on the 2018-2019 Provincial Team and confirm that they meet all of the requirements set out in the Selection Criteria.

Men's Alpine A-Team

Jamie Behan

Ben Heldman

Adam Farber


Men's Alpine B-Team

Corey Farber

Ben Christmann

Nicholas Tepsich

Ladies Alpine A-Team

Emma Van Groningen

Abby Van Groningen

Alison Friebel


Ladies Alpine B-Team

Lauren McKay

Katherine Lindsey

Laura Moss



Men's HP A-Team

Kiran Pershad

Ryan Kangas

Ladies HP A-Team

Becca Ballantyne

Madison Gale



Men's SBX A-Team

Riley Howell

Thomas Rivard

Tyler Peterson


Men's SBX B-Team

Tyler Jackson

Ryan Lalonde

Noah Glidden

Ladies SBX A-Team

Kerri Lynch

Emma Pellegrini

Jillian Sward


Ladies SBX B-Team

Sarah Tuer-Sipos

Katie Woodside



Men's SBS A-Team

Cam Spalding

Will Izzard

Sam Koven


Men's SBS B-Team

Ryan Kangas

Patrice Poulin

Carter Wega

Ladies SBS A-Team

Jackie Carlson

Madison Gale

Andie Gendron


Ladies SBS B-Team

Natalie Maugeri

Ariel Pigouluski



Any athlete wishing to appeal the selections can do so following our

Appeals Policy