We love our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers because we couldn’t succeed without them!
Perhaps you have already volunteered with us at an event and could also help with another committee. Or maybe this would be your first Snowboard Ontario volunteer experience. Whichever the case, we’d love your help. If you are interested in joining any of our committees please email For a list of the Committee Chairs click here
Snowboard Ontario events happen because of our dedicated volunteers. They are a crucial element to ensuring our athletes get the best possible experience at each event. Our Volunteers work long hours at times in some chilly weather but we are told time and time again that it is worth it! The experience our volunteers have at events as well as the relationships developed are second only to watching athletes succeed at every level.

What’s Required:
To get started with SO our volunteers participate in a three hour Level 1 officials course that is run online so you don’t have to leave home to participate.

We need to raise the profile of snowboarding in Ontario in part by bringing more partners in to support the sport. We’ve got the pitch ready to go. We need help identifying partners and then reaching out and selling these partners on the value of our sport.
What’s Required:
-       Four online/telephone meetings in June, August, September, October to discuss strategy and plans with other committee members, one hour or less per meeting.
-       Provide ideas on potential partners or other contact that could help us increase our number of partners
If you are the type of person that likes to find and share snowboard or high performance athlete development content, then join our Communications Committee to help us share this valuable information with the rest of our members.
What’s Required:
- A passion to grow snowboarding in Ontario through sharing helpful and fun content
- An online meeting every three months to share updates and ideas with other committee members, likely 30 minutes or less.
To learn more about any one of our committees, please email Janet at